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Benefits of Ruby ( मानक ) Gemstone

Benefits of Ruby ( मानक ) Gemstone

Ruby (Manik in Hindi) is a red colored precious gemstone, also known as the ‘King of Gems’, with great astrological significance.

Ruby is the birthstone for Capricorn sun sign (15 Jan – 14 Feb). In Indian astrology, Ruby gemstone strengthens Sun (Surya) and is the rashi ratna for Leo (Simha). Ruby gemstone (also known as ‘Manikya’ in Hindi) bestows wealth, status, respect, dignity and the powers of the Sun God upon its wearer. Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio can also wear a Ruby gemstone.

  • Sun (Surya) is symbolic of ‘Father’ in Astrology. Wearing a Manik ratna (gemstone) strengthens paternal relations, improves Father’s health and increases the likeliness of inheriting a successful legacy.
  • Medically, Ruby symbolizes the Heart, the Eyes and Bones. It is believed that wearing a Ruby gemstone benefits Heart conditions, improves the eye sight and makes bones stronger.

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