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Emerald Benefits, Procedure of wearing Panna Gemstone

Emerald Benefits, Procedure of wearing Panna Gemstone

Benefits of Emerald –

  • Emerald strengthens Mercury (Buddh) which is a benefic planet. It gives its wearer Intelligence, Wit and Quick Learning Ability.
  • It is also beneficial for business and trade, especially those which are related to communication, conveyance, connections and networks.
  • Emerald grants its wearer creativity and helps talented and artistic people achieve success.
  • It ensures the overall health and strength of the green colored components of the human body e.g nerves, veins etc.
  • Mercury (Buddh) is known as ‘Vaani-kaarak’or the ‘Agent of Speech’ in Hindu mythology. Therefore, Emerald bestows fluency, public speaking skills, confident voice and oratory upon its wearer.
  • Emerald is very favorable in matters of education. It grants mental agility and is believed to be very auspicious till under-graduate level degree


Procedure for Emerald –

Astrologers advise that Emeralds should be worn in Gold. It can also be worn in Silver or Platinum. According to Vedic Astrology, Emerald is worn in the little finger of the correct hand (The Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right handed people). It is worn on a Wednesday morning before 12 PM noon during the Shukla Paksh (waxing moon).


Which Emerald Stone Should I buy ?

  • Your Emerald gemstone should weigh at least 1/12th carats of your body weight in Kgs.(Bodyweight 60 Kg = 5 Carat gemstone)
  • The stone’s clarity should be high, the color deep to light green and it should be chemically untreated.
  • Normally, Untreated Zambian Emeralds are considered the best for astrological purpose.


Find Your Lucky Gemstone


     At, there is a stone for every budget. Our catalogue features the best Colombian Emeralds as well as Zambian Emeralds for all price ranges. For lower budgets, we have a range of Brazilian Emeralds and substitutes of Emeralds like Green Onyx, Peridot, Green Tourmaline and Green Beryl. Contact us today!


Emerald Quality

  • The quality of an Emerald gemstone varies on cut, color and clarity.
  • For Astrological benefits, the quality is dependent mainly on the clarity of the Emerald stone and only a little bit on the color.


Where Should I Buy Natural Emerald Gemstone ?

Be careful as many dealers sell treated or synthetic Panna (Emerald). Therefore, when you buy Emerald Online, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed lab of your choice (careful: there are fake labs as well!).

The seller should also have a clear refund policy and hopefully, a large presence (larger organizations are likely to be more careful about their brand and stay away from unethical practices).

With buying Emeralds from jewelers and dealers, there is always the risk of purchasing a different stone (like Green Beryl) passed off as a Natural Emerald, or synthetic Hydro Emerald, or a significantly treated Emerald which has no astrological benefit. You can buy Emerald online at We sell only natural Emeralds and give a free lab certificate of authenticity with every gemstone purchased from us. You can pay cash on delivery as we provide free delivery of our products worldwide. We also have a customer-friendly Return and Refund policy.


Which is the best substitute of Emerald stone ?

Green Tourmaline and Peridot are the best substitutes for Emerald. However, the Emerald substitutes are not as astrologically effective as the actual stone. Green Onyx and Green Beryl are also the substitutes but are far less powerful than the other substitutes of emerald.


Gemstones Related To Emerald

Green Beryl – Green Beryl is a very similar gemstone to a Natural Emerald, coming from the same mineral family. Green Beryl is a substitute for Emerald.

Hydro Emerald-Hydro Emerald is a type of synthetic, lab-made Emerald often sold by unscrupulous dealers as Natural Panna Stone.

Emerald Benefits, Procedure of wearing Panna Gemstone

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